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Comment of Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Davit Jalagania on a question of News Georgia Agency concerning the allegations of Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia's National Security Council

Question: How would you assess the statements made by Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia's National Security Council in his interviews to Kommersant Newspaper and Interfax Agency, in which he suggested possible Georgian trace in the Moscow metro blasts and alleged contacts of the Georgian special services with the terrorist organizations in the North Caucasus?

Answer: Patrushev and other high-ranking officials of the Russian special services have repeatedly made statements on Georgia's links to various terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda. The international community always dealt such statements with undisguised mistrust and never viewed them seriously given that Georgia is an active member of the anti-terrorist coalition and makes its own contribution to the fight against terrorism both in the region and beyond. Currently Georgia employs a 173-strong company in Afghanistan and plans to reinforce it further by a 750-strong battalion.

By making such statements Patrushev and other representatives of the Kremlin try to avoid responsibility for their professional impotence and incompetence on the one hand, and on the other, to find excuses for the restriction of the rights and freedoms of their own citizens, repressions against their political opponents, incitement of xenophobia on ethnic and religious lines, murder of tens of thousands of peaceful people in the North Caucasus and aggressive policy directed against the neighbouring sovereign states.

The Russian people have a full right to hold the Kremlin answerable for the infringement of their rights after each terrorist act whereas the number of such acts increases in direct proportion with the toughening of the Kremlin's repressive policy.

It needs to be emphasized that the inadequacy of Patrushev and the Kremlin leaders no longer raises any doubts and poses a threat to regional as well as international peace and security.

We are confident that the international community will give proper assessment to Patrushev's provocative allegations. Georgia, on its part, will unequivocally adhere to its own commitments in the fight against any representation of terrorism.

31 March 2010

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