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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the treaty on the creation of a joint military base in Gudauta signed between Russia and the so-called republic of Abkhazia

LogoRussia reinforces its military presence on the occupied territories of Georgia, to which clearly attests the treaty on the creation of a joint military base in Gudauta signed between Russia and the so-called "republic of Abkhazia" in Moscow, on 17 February 2010. The treaty shall be valid for 49 years with possibility of extension for 15 more years.

It is noteworthy, that at the OSCE Istanbul Summit of 1999, in accordance with the joint statement of the Russian Federation and Georgia (Annex 14 of the Final Act of the Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe) t he Russian Federation undertook the commitment to withdraw the Gudauta Military Base by 1st July, 2001. However, the international community is well aware of the fact, that despite numerous statements made by the president Putin regarding the withdrawal of the Gudauta Russian military base, it had not been withdrawn and has continued functioning for years afterwards in violation of the international obligations undertaken by Russia.

Exactly with the aim of legalizing such unlawful action, the Russian Federation tries to impose on the international community its concept of "New European Security Architecture".

Furthermore, Moscow aims to place within "legitimate" frames its military occupation and annexation of the Georgian regions. Russia's actions in the occupied regions continue to go uncontrolled given that it was through the efforts of the Kremlin that all international monitoring missions were expelled from Georgia's occupied regions and it is Russia that objects to the introduction of the international monitoring missions in these regions of Georgia.

Suspension of the implementation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe by the Russian Federation (which itself is a violation of the treaty) has served inter alia the goal of using the Georgian occupied territories as its own military springboard.

Russia's pursuit of its expansionist plans poses a real threat not only to Georgia, but to the Caucasus and Black Sea regions as a whole. Special mention, in this context, should be made of Russia's recent amendments to the Law on Defence that allows Russia to carry out so-called preventive military operation in all cases and against all states that the Kremlin regime may deem necessary. Moreover, Russia's new military doctrine envisages the preventive use of nuclear weapons against all countries unacceptable to Moscow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia expresses its strong protest over this step taken by Russia towards the intensive militarization of Georgia's occupied regions and urges the international community to give due assessment to these unlawful actions of Russia and take decisive measures for their prevention.

Tbilisi, 18 February 2010



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