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Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in reaction to a decision made by the Russian Government on the 20th of November 2014

The Georgian Foreign Ministry wishes to express its concern over the Russian Government's decision, made on the 20th of November 2014, to submit a text of the so-called "treaty on alliance and strategic partnership" between Russia and Abkhazia-an integral part of Georgia-to the Russian President for his approval.

Despite the many constructive steps which the Georgian authorities have taken to date, no progress in political terms has been achieved with Russia. Recurring statements made by representatives of the Russian authorities concerning their willingness to normalize relations with Georgia are clearly in conflict with their actual actions.

Georgia will never tolerate any infringement of its territorial integrity, and is consequently not prepared to reach any form of compromise over this issue. We call upon the international community to properly assess this further step taken by the Russian Federation towards the annexation of Georgia's occupied territories, and to use all the means at its disposal to dissuade Russia from undertaking yet another aggressive move against Georgia.

This issue was high on the agenda of the Georgian Prime Minister's recent talks with EU and NATO officials in Brussels, as well as during the Foreign Minister's recent meetings in London and Prague. We will also share our concerns regarding this issue with Tbilisi-based foreign diplomats during a meeting to be held next week, and will raise the matter during upcoming NATO and OSCE foreign ministerial meetings.

Tbilisi, 22 November 2014


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