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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the so-called “elections” held in the occupied regions of Georgia

On 25 March 2012, the Russian occupation forces and their proxy regime have conducted the so-called "presidential elections" in Tskhinvali region, Georgia. Following the events unfolded there a couple of months ago, the conduction of the so-called "reelections" confirms that the situation in the occupied Tskhinvali Region is under a complete control of the Russian Federation. In addition, on 24 March 2012 the Russian occupation regime has held the second round of the so-called "parliamentary elections" in the Russian-occupied Abkhazia, Georgia.

By creating an illusion of a democratic governance, the Russian Federation attempts to legitimize - though in vain - the results of the so-called "elections", thus concealing both ethnic cleansing and demographic changes perpetrated against hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings through vicious and coercive methods. Among other internationally recognized human rights, the Russian Federation has stripped the internally displaced persons and refugees of the right to return to their homes in safe and dignified manner. Moreover, occupation regimes continue on a daily basis to violate fundamental rights and liberties of the sparse remnants of the population residing in the occupied regions. These circumstances are further complicated by the fact that representatives of the EUMM, or other international organizations, are prohibited to enter the occupied regions of Georgia and assess the dire situation in regard to the human rights violations.

Notably, the international community had unequivocally condemned the so-called "parliamentary elections" of 10 March 2012 in the Russian-occupied region of Abkhazia, Georgia, and clearly emphasized their illegitimacy. International organizations and number of states, through their officially issued statements, once again confirm strong support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and stress that these so-called "elections" represent a grave violation of fundamental principles of international law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on the international community to persevere in assessing the farce organized and executed by the Russian occupation forces in the occupied territories of Georgia, and continue to apply diplomatic pressure on Russia in order to ensure Russia's compliance with its internationally accepted obligations, including terms of the 12 August 2008 ceasefire agreement.








Tbilisi, 26 March 2012


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