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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Statement by Delegation of Georgia to the Joint Consultative Group

The delegation of Georgia to the JCG would like to bring to the attention of the States Parties to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) the following:

Georgia has been extremely concerned with Russia's permanent non-compliance over the last decade with the CFE Treaty and the Flank Document.

The continuing negligence to observe the internationally undertaken obligations under the CFE by the Russian Federation - which possesses the largest conventional military forces in Europe - has severely undermined the Treaty rightly perceived as a cornerstone of the European Security Architecture.

Due to Russia's refusal to fulfil the Istanbul commitments the adapted CFE Treaty has not been ratified for more than 10 years.

Russia also did not comply with the legal requirement of the CFE Treaty for the host -nation consent (Article IV, Para.5). By maintaining deployment of its military forces and armament on the territory of Georgia without the host nation consent, the Russian side violated one of the fundamental principles upon which the Treaty is based.

In December 2007, Russia again violated the CFE Treaty by imposing a unilateral moratorium on its implementation. By unilaterally suspending all its obligations including those under provisions on verification, information exchange, and numerical limitations, originating from the CFE Treaty and its associated documents, including Flank Agreement, the Russian Federation has put the European Security System under serious threat.

Furthermore, the Russian Federation has grossly violated fundamental norms of International Law, as well as one of the guiding principles stated in the preamble of the CFE Treaty which stipulates the obligation of States Parties "to refrain in their mutual relations, as well as in their International relations in general, from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations" (Treaty Preamble, paragraph 4), by launching its large-scale military aggression against Georgia in August 2008, which ended up with the occupation of Georgian territories - Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region. Russia is currently occupying 20 percent of Georgia's territory, and continues its illegal military build up gravely violating the CFE Treaty and ceasefire agreement brokered by the EU.

Notwithstanding the Russian Federation´s gross violation of international law and the CFE Treaty, Georgia has been adhering firmly to each of the commitments stipulated in the Treaty and the Flank Document with respect to the Russian Federation while pursuing discussions among the CFE States Parties aimed at finding a mutually acceptable resolution. However, due to the Russian Federation´s unwillingness to overcome existing impasse no satisfactory results have been achieved.

Taking into account all the above mentioned Georgia, effective as of today, ceases performing the following obligations vis-à-vis the Russian Federation:

  • Georgia will not provide information to the RF in the annual exchange of information that takes place pursuant to the CFE treaty;
  • Georgia will not provide any notifications to the RF pursuant to the CFE treaty;
  • Georgia will not accept inspections requested by the RF pursuant to the CFE treaty;

Recognizing the contribution of the CFE treaty to the stable and secure environment in the area of its application, Georgia will continue to perform its obligations vis-à-vis the States Parties of the Treaty other than the Russian Federation, and expresses readiness to support and participate in the future consultations aimed at revitalizing the arms control regime in Europe.


29 November 2011

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