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Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry on Russia's deployment of additional military equipment to Abkhazia

According to electronic media, Russia is continuing to build up its military presence in Abkhazia and in the Tskhinvali region - inalienable parts of Georgia it is currently occupying. The Russian military has notably deployed new T-90A tanks and other offensive military equipment to its so-called "7th military base" in Abkhazia.

These illegal actions are further proof that the Russian Federation never intended to fulfil its international commitments - including the provisions of the Ceasefire Agreement of 12 August 2008 - and that it does not plan to do so. Its military build-up in Georgia's occupied territories is also in violation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (or CFE Treaty). It is obvious that Russia unlawfully declared the suspension of its participation in the CFE Treaty so as to be free to reinforce its military presence in the areas to which the Treaty applies.

The Georgian government has repeatedly drawn the international community's attention to this matter, as Russia's actions run counter to universally-recognized norms and principles of international law and pose a threat to peace and stability not only in the Caucasus but throughout Europe as a whole.

The statements of various high-ranking Russian officials on alleged "imminent military provocations" from the Georgian government - particularly those recently made by the chief of the Russian General Staff's Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), Lt. Gen. Alexander Shliakhturov - must be replaced in the context of Russia's traditionally aggressive policies. Such statements obviously aim to disguise Russia's own aggressive intentions and actions, and to shift the responsibility for their criminal policies to neighbouring countries.

The Georgian government strongly protests these irresponsible and adventurous steps Russia has taken, and demands that the Russian government cease its militarization of the regions of Georgia it is occupying and immediately begin to withdraw its forces.


Tbilisi, 2 November 2011



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