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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia concerning the resumption of illegal export of inert materials from Abkhazia, Georgia

According to the information published in Russian mass-media on October 18, 2011, the company "Freight One" - owned by the "Russian Railways", resumed the export of cargo, in particular, export of inert materials (sand and gravel mixture), from Abkhazia, Georgia with the aim to use it for the construction of infrastructure for Sochi 2014 winter Olympic Games.

Illegal export of inert materials from Abkhazia, Georgia, which is conducted in complete disregard for the norms of ecological safety, irreparably injures the unique and fragile nature of the Black Sea coastline, especially the unique and relict environment of Abkhazia, Georgia that equals to the ecological catastrophe of the whole Caucasian Region.

The aforementioned fact is yet another confirmation of aggressive policy of the Russian Federation carried out against Georgia, expressed in ethnic cleansings and occupation of the parts of the territories of the sovereign state, which currently threatens the unique ecosystem of Georgia and its inseparable part, Abkhazia, as well as the Caucasus and whole Black Sea region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia once again addresses the international community and International Organizations working on environmental issues amongst them, to give an adequate assessment to the illegal activities of the Russian side that are incompatible with the Olympic principles and to take all the necessary measures, in order to immediately stop them. 

Tbilisi, 20 October 2011


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