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Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry concerning the submission for ratification by the Russian President of the so-called Agreement between Russian Federation and Abkhazia on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs arassistance in customs area


On 28 July 2011, President of Russian Federation D. Medvedev, submitted for ratification the so-called agreement between Russian Federation and Abkhazia on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs area to the State Duma.

It is noteworthy that neither present nor any other so-called "international agreements" concluded between Russian Federation and Georgia's occupied regions have any legal effect and are applicable in international relations, as Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia represent integral parts of Georgia and do not have a status of subjects of international law. Hence, any relations which Russian authorities engage in with its proxy regimes in control of these territories are in violation of universally recognized norms and principles of international law as well as obligations of Russia undertaken on international arena.

Moreover, in circumstances when Georgian side expresses its readiness to resolve all outstanding issues between Georgia and Russia and is undertaking concrete efforts in this direction, the recent step of the President of Russian Federation once again makes it clear that Russian side is not willing to proceed with negotiations with Georgia in a constructive manner.

It should be underscored that Russian side continuously tries to instill "new reality" created by Russia, however neither Georgia nor international community will legitimize or tolerate this reality.


Tbilisi, 29 July 2011


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