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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Statement of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the foiled act of terrorism of 6 June 2011

On 6 June 2011, another act of terrorism was foiled by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs: Georgian law enforcement officers detained Mr. Badri Gogiashvili in the Mtskheta district and seized (and later defused) a quantity of explosives in his possession.

According to Mr. Gogiashvili's testimony, he was acting under the direction of Mr. Alexey Sokolov, deputy chief of the Russian FSB border guards stationed in Akhalgori, Mr. Vladimer Pukhaev, chief of the Akhalgori Militia, and Mr. Vova Kibilov, a member of the Akhalgori Militia, who ordered him to target a building in Tbilisi flying the flag of an international organization or of the European Union or the United States.

These persons selected the NATO Liaison Office building as a target for a terrorist attack, and instructed Mr. Gogiashvili to detonate a bomb nearby. Mr. Gogiashvili was promised the sum of USD 2,000 for carrying out this act of terrorism.

This incident indicates that Russia is continuing to pursue its deliberate efforts to stage acts of terrorism in Georgia.

The Russian Federation and its special services are continuing their criminal policy directed against the Georgian state - a policy which displays clear signs of state terrorism.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon the international community to categorically demand that Russia desist from all terrorist activity against Georgia, and that it commit to the non-use of force as well as to the full de-occupation of Georgian territory.


Tbilisi, 7 June 2011


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