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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Statement of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the foiled act of terrorism of 2 June 2011

Another attempted act of terrorism was foiled by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs on 2 June 2011: the Constitutional Security Department seized explosives equivalent to 4kg of T.N.T. and detained Mr. Abesalom Chkhetia and Ms. Tamila Benia, residents of the Gali district of the Russian-occupied territory of Abkhazia, Georgia, in connection with this seizure.

According to the testimonies of the two persons detained, they were ordered to carry out an act of terrorism by officers of the Russian Special Forces - named as Mr. Igor Vlasov and Mr. Sergei Kuzmin, and based in occupied Abkhazia.

This plot is a follow-up to a series of acts of terrorism masterminded by Russia on the territory of Georgia.

The Georgian government has submitted the findings of its investigations into the acts of terrorism which have been committed in Georgia since the autumn of 2010 to the Russian government, and has offered Russia its co-operation in the process of investigation. Moscow has not, however, responded to date.

Russia continues to pursue its criminal policy against the Georgian state. Georgian law enforcement agencies have provided substantiated evidence which not only proves that Russia and its special services are sponsoring acts of terrorism, but also that they are intimately involved in the planning and organization of acts of terrorism on the territories of sovereign states.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the international community to demand from Russia that it end its acts of terrorism against Georgia and that it commit itself to the non-use of force and fully comply with all the provisions of the ceasefire agreement of 12 August 2008.


Tbilisi, 3 June 2011


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