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President Margvelashvili and President Duda Sign a Joint Declaration

Following tete-a-tete and extended meetings, the President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili and the President of the Republic of Poland, H.E. Andrzej Duda signed a joint declaration.To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Poland, we the President of Georgia and the President of the Republic of Poland, issue the following Joint Declaration:“2017 marks the 25th anniversary of restoration of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Poland. We are proud to celebrate this noteworthy jubilee with considerable achievements both in bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The dynamic relations established over these years encompass wide range of areas, including but not limited to politics, economy, security, defense, culture, education, very intensive people-to-people interaction and fruitful cooperation within international organizations.Georgian-Polish close bonds count not only the past 25 years but are deeply rooted in the long history and traditions. The two nations were firmly determined to stand by each other in peace and in times of need. Poland was among the few countries where Georgia had established its diplomatic mission after gaining its independence from the Russian Empire. In turbulent years that followed, after the destruction of Georgia's independence by the Bolsheviks, Georgian military officers and the Polish soldiers fought shoulder to shoulder for defending Poland during World War II. Our past experience, the common ideals of freedom and dignity are the very foundations that unite hearts of our peoples and motivate us to even more strengthen ties between our countries.To commemorate the glorious 100 years history of our common relations the President of Poland and the President of Georgia are extending their honorary patronage over the activities of the Polish – Georgian Historians Commission.Georgia commends Poland’s valuable political and practical assistance to its development and democratic transformation processes.Realizing that economic co-operation is an engine of the dynamic relations, we see the need for wider opening its potential. Therefore we will act on providing favorable conditions for increasing mutual trade exchange and investments as well as encourage our governments and institutions to intensify work to reach this goal. Poland and Georgia will use all existing multilateral mechanisms to develop and implement joint infrastructural projects, serving for strengthening regional ties as well as our security and prosperity.Georgia and Poland reiterate their respect towards fundamental principles of international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, inviolability of borders, as well as the common vision for a Europe free, whole and at peace. Poland supports the efforts of the Georgian Government aimed at peaceful resolution of the Russia-Georgia conflict. In this regard, as significant steps, both countries underline the necessity of achieving tangible results in the Geneva International Discussions, including on the issue of safe and dignified return of IDPs and refugees, as well as the implementation of the 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement. Georgia and Poland stress the importance of consolidated efforts of international community in order to counter the occupation and steps towards the annexation of Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, and to provide peace and security on the ground.Poland fully supports Georgia’s aspirations for achieving membership of the EU and NATO.Georgia values Poland’s steadfast support for its ambitious European integration agenda and highly appreciates its initiatives, aimed at advancing Georgia’s political association and economic integration with the EU. Both sides underline that the Association Agreement does not constitute the ultimate goal of Georgia’s cooperation with the EU. While acknowledging Poland’s special contribution to the Eastern Partnership, we remain committed to fully explore the potential of this initiative and ensure further progressive development of relations between the EU and Georgia. In this context, special importance of the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit is acknowledged for ensuring practical deliverables and a forward-looking vision for forging closer ties between the EU and Eastern European Partners, including Georgia, based on their individual merits and interests as well as a clear European offer.We stress the importance of continuation of NATO open door policy and the need to take next step in Georgia’s NATO membership process. Georgia highly values Poland’s efforts promoting Georgia’s membership in NATO. Poland praises Georgia’s significant contribution to shared Euro-Atlantic security, particularly its participation in NATO missions in Afghanistan. Both countries agree to further cooperate in strengthening the Euro-Atlantic security in accordance with the Warsaw Summit decisions.Georgia and Poland recognize the importance of the Black Sea region for the common Euro-Atlantic security. Georgia welcomes NATO’s tailored forward presence in the Black Sea region and expresses readiness to contribute to the Allied efforts in this regard. Poland acknowledges the importance of Georgia’s active engagement in strengthening the security of the Black Sea region.We believe that the longstanding friendship between Georgia and Poland, built on mutual understanding, common visions and interests give promising opportunity for enhancing our cooperation to a qualitatively new level, one that shall fully correspond to the rich tradition of our exceptional bonds. With our joint efforts we are determined to ensure peaceful, secure and prosperous future for our peoples.Recalling the words of President Lech Kaczynski pronounced in Tbilisi on 12 August 2008: „We are here to express our solidarity", we issued Joint Declaration to confirm that Polish-Georgian solidarity is strong.


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