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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia welcomes the European Union’s Association Implementation Report on Georgia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia welcomes the Association Implementation Report on Georgia reflecting the progress achieved in the period of January 2015 to December 2016.It is for the first time that the EU report on Georgia was published under the title: Association Implementation Report, which signals the transition to a new level of relations between Georgia and the European Union, namely political association and economic integration.

The joint report of the European Commission and the EU High Representative encompasses the reforms and initiatives in all priority areas of co-operation, as a result of which the EU-Georgia cooperation has become tighter and more intensive. The Report is based on the Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy and underlines Georgia’s role as a peaceful and stable democracy in the region. 

The Document states that “Georgia is also a key ally for the EU in the security sector”, whereas successful cooperation comprises such areas, as the fight against terrorism, arms illegal trade and participation in the EU crisis management operations. 

According to the Document, the EU fully supports Georgia’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and positively assesses Georgia’s constructive participation in the Geneva International Discussions.  Furthermore, the Report reads that Georgia is in full compliance with the Six-Point Cease-Fire Agreement. 

The relations between Georgia and the EU illustrate commitment to the shared values, among others, democracy and the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, support of market economy. These fundamental principles lay the ground for the Association Agreement. To this end, the Report positively assesses the progress achieved by the Government of Georgia. In particular, the Document underlines that Georgia has managed to consolidate its democracy and the rule of law, as well as further strengthening of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.  The Document also reads that the 2016 parliamentary elections were well administered and competitive, generally respecting fundamental freedoms. The EU underlines that the legal framework guarantees freedom of press and positively assesses the reforms Georgia has carried out in the judiciary sphere, promoting judicial independence, professionalism, accountability and effectiveness. The Report also underlines the readiness of Georgia to carry out the public administration reform, in compliance with the EU principles of public administration and focuses on the progress Georgia has achieved in the prevention and fight against corruption. Georgia has successfully met all the benchmarks under the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan that encompassed a wide range of reforms; in this context, particular emphasis is laid on the border management in Georgia, which is in line with the EU best practices. The Document positively assesses the reforms undertaken in the sphere of agriculture, taxation, entrepreneurship, economic activity, tourism and transport; it is underlined that Georgia has signed the protocol of accession to the Energy Community Treaty; an outstanding  positive assessment is given to the measures undertaken by Georgia with regards to improving public health.

The Government of Georgia is committed to continue the reforms, which ensure the country’s democratic development and maximum rapprochement with the EU. In this context, the Government attaches great importance to all the activities to be carried out in each and every sphere, highlighted in the report; among others, Georgia will continue implementation of the large number of laws adopted in the process of legislation and institutional structures approximation with the EU; and will ensure the proper and effective functioning of all main institutions that are crucial for the democratic development. The EU stands ready to continue supporting Georgia in the process of reforms through political, financial or technical instruments. The EU and Georgia work on a new Association Agenda, whereas its outlined political priorities will lay the ground for the targeted assistance for Georgia in 2017-2020. 

The report underlines the positive impact of the DCFTA component on the increase of trade between Georgia and the EU. According to the report, the  Georgian export to the European Union increased by 16% in 2015. EU assesses the business environment in Georgia as the best in the region and states that despite the unfavorable regional context the positive trend continues. The report also highlights that Georgia's macroeconomic situation remained in overall stable. Moreover, the economy has shown significant resilience, managing to maintain a positive growth (+2.8% in 2015).

The achieved progress provides for a sound basis for further success, which is of mutual interest for both sides, that of Georgia and the EU. The Government of Georgia continues its efforts to ensure that the benefits of political association and economic integration are shared by all.


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