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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia






Name                                                              David Aptsiauri

Born                                                                September 22, 1958, Tbilisi, Georgia

Nationality                                                        Georgian

Current Address                                                 Work- Kings Garden Villa,

                                                                      Block G38, Xiao Yun Road 18,

                                                                      Chaoyang District, Beijing

                                                                      100125, China

                                                                      Phone: +86 10-6468 1203

                                                                      E-mail: daptsiauri@mfa.gov.ge


Marital Status                                                     Married, two sons


Languages                                                         Georgian (native), English and Russian (fluent)

                                                                       Spanish (working)


Other Skills                                                        Computer proficient





1975-1980  Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Master Degree in International Economic Relations, Moscow

1984-1989  Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Graduate School, Department of Political and Economic Relations Theories/PhD. on International                         Economics 

1996  The Institute of World Affairs, Washington D.C. and Salisbury, Connecticut, USA. Training Course: “International Conflict Resolution and Negotiation for                   Diplomats”, Certificate of Achievements, Salisbury, Connecticut, USA


1998  Salzburg Seminar for World prominent young leaders on the issues of peace and stability in International Relations. Moderator of the workshop. Certificate of           Achievements. Salzburg Austria.

2000  Seminar and training course for the governmental officials, parliamentarians, business executives and mass media representatives of Georgia for the                     promotion of peace, national consensus and dialog. The Institute of Defense Analysis and George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Washington         D.C. USA


Professional Experience


2014 – Present  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the People`s Republic of China, Mongolia and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

2009-2014  International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia, Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee, Tbilis Full Professor of the International Black Sea University, Tbilisi,                  Georgia State Oil and Gas Corporation of Azerbaijan – Georgia, Counselor to the President on strategy Invited Professor to the Caucasian University,                      Tbilisi. Invited Professor of the Tbilisi State University (Institute for European Studies)


2008-2008                                                              Yildirim Holding Inc., Istanbul, Turkey

                                                                           Director, International Business Development



2007-2008                                                              Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

                                                                           of Georgia to the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius


2004-2007                                                              Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

                                                                           of Georgia to the Republics of Lithuania,

                                                                           Latvia and Estonia


2002-2004                                                              First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of

                                                                           Georgia, Member of the Board of the Ministry

                                                                           of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Tbilisi


2000-2002                                                              Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia,

                                                                           Member of the Board of the ministry of Foreign

                                                                           Affairs of Georgia, Tbilisi


2000                                                                     By Decree of the President of Georgia has been

                                                                           granted the diplomatic rank of the Ambassador

                                                                           Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary


1997-2000                                                              Director of the Department for International

                                                                           Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                                                                           of Georgia, Tbilisi     


1998-2000                                                              National Coordinator of the Chairmanship of

                                                                           Georgia to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

                                                                           Organization, Istanbul, Turkey


1994-1997                                                              Counselor of the Parliament Mission of the Republic

                                                                            of Georgia to the United Nations, Member of the

                                                                            Governmental Delegation of the Republic of Georgia

                                                                            At the 48th/1993/,49th/1994/, 50th/1995/, 51st/1996/

                                                                            Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly,

                                                                            Including its Special Session connected with the

                                                                            50th Anniversary of the Organization. Representative

                                                                            of the Republic of Georgia to the 2nd / social and

                                                                             Economic issues/,4th /special political and

                                                                             Desalinization issues/,5th /administrative

                                                                             and budgetary issues/ Main Committee of the

                                                                             UN General Assembly during 1993-1997.

                                                                             Coordinated work with the Advisory Committee

                                                                             On Administrative and Budgetary Questions

                                                                             /ACABQ/. Member of the Governmental Delegation

                                                                             Of Georgia at the Session of the Economic and

                                                                             Social Council of the UN Development Program and

                                                                             The United Nations Children’s Fund during

                                                                             1993-1997, New York


1993-1994                                                               First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of  the Republic     

                                                                            of Georgia to the United Nations,

                                                                            New York, USA


1992-1993                                                               Deputy Director of the Department for International

                                                                            Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                                                                            of Georgia, Tbilisi


1991-1992                                                               Member of various Governmental Commissions

                                                                            on foreign economic policy/ participated in the

                                                                            elaboration of the first Foreign Strategy

                                                                            of Independent Georgia/, Tbilisi


1990-1992                                                               Deputy General Director of the Foreign Economic

                                                                            Association “Gruzimpex” of the Government of

                                                                            the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi


1987-1990                                                               Political and public organizations

                                                                            (CP Central and City Committees) Tbilisi, Georgia


1984-1987                                                               Research expert of the institute of National Economics

                                                                            Under the Government of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia


1980-1984                                                               Counselor of the Committee of the Youth Organizations          

                                                                            of Georgia



Key experience/ major educational, professional, personal not covered above/


2002                                                                     Has been appointed as a candidate for a vacant

                                                                           seat of a member of the United Nations Advisory

                                                                           Committee on Advisory and Budgetary Questions

                                                                           /ACABQ/ from the group of Eastern European

                                                                           countries in 2002 and 2008, New York, USA


2001                                                                     Has been appointed as a candidate for a vacant

                                                                           seat of the Deputy Secretary- General of the Europe

                                                                           Energy Charter Secretariat

                                                                           Brussels, Belgium


2001-2003                                                              Vice-chairman of the Board of the National Investment

                                                                           Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi


2001-2003                                                             National Coordinator of activities on the issue related

                                                                           to Georgia’s membership in the United Nations

                                                                           Economic and Social Council/ECOSOC/; Deputy

                                                                           Chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission

                                                                           on Georgia’s membership in ECOSOC of the

                                                                           United Nations, Tbilisi


2001-2002                                                              Special representative of the President of

                                                                           Georgia on organizational arrangements of the

                                                                           UN General Assembly Special Session on

                                                                           Children, New York, USA


2000-2003                                                              Deputy Chairman of the Joint Commission of the

                                                                           Government of Georgia for increasing of efficiency

                                                                           of Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asian, Tbilisi


1999-2000                                                              Deputy Director-General of the Executive Secretariat

                                                                           of the Black and Azov Seas Ports Association,

                                                                           Istanbul Turkey


1998-2005                                                             Member of the Board of Directors from the Government

                                                                           of Georgia to the Black Sea Trade and Development

                                                                           Bank, Thessalonica, Greece


1998-2004                                                             Member of the Board of Directors of the

                                                                           United Nations Association of Georgia


1997-2000                                                             Head of the Governmental Delegation of Georgia

                                                                           in the Steering Committee on the United Nations

                                                                           Development Program Rehabilitation Project in

                                                                           Tskhinvali Region, South Ossetia, Georgia

                                                                           /conflict zone/  



1997-1999                                                              Member of the Professional Advisory Board of the                   

                                                                            Harriman Institute of the Columbia University

                                                                            in the city of New York, USA


1995-1996                                                             Adjunct Professor of the School of International

                                                                           Relations and Public Affairs of the Columbia University

                                                                           in the City of New York – instructor of the course of

                                                                           lectures entitled: “The  History and Politics of Modern

                                                                           Georgia”, New York, USA



In addition, from 1994 to 2007 – keynote speaker at various international conferences, workshops, seminars and training courses/including the statements before Special Sessions of  the United Nations General Assembly/ in Europe, the United States of America, Asia, Latin America, covering the crucial topics of international security and economic cooperation, conflict resolution and sustainable development, problems of children, regional and interregional collaboration, in particular                                         the East – West dimension.

Some experiences are directly linked with the problems of international security and conflict resolution, including the first UN rehabilitation project in the conflict zone – Tskhinvali region, South Ossetia, Georgia, as a Head of the Georgian Governmental Delegation/1997-2000/has exposed some positive results according o the UN high-level evaluation team report in2000./.

During 1997-2002 the coordination of the projects with NATO/Economic Directorate/ on economic security policy were accomplished as a conflict resolution new opportunity in South Caucasus result on joint participation of all conflict sides in common agenda.

The SENSE seminar sponsored by the IDA and George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and held in Washington D.C. in 2000 and later its follow up in Georgia presented good lessons of importance of national consensus between the state and private sectors for new democracies.

The training course:”International Conflict Resolution and Negotiation for Diplomats” organized by the Institute of World Affairs in Washington D.C. and in Salisbury, Connecticut held in 1996 definitely enriched the basic knowledge of the mentioned topic.

Academic and research activity in the United States during 1994-2000, including lecturing and key presentations in the Columbia University, University of Florida, the New York Bar Association, as well as the UN sponsored conferences had been a good additional contribution to deepening special studies of global and specific risks for peaceful development and cooperation.



Invited Professor at the Malmo University, Sweden (2010,Spring semester), Yalova University, Turkey (2009-2011 academic years), Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy Azerbaijani Republic, Baku (2011 academic year) as an instructor of the courses on EU Economics (EU Jean Monnet Program), EU and South Caucasian countries cooperation, Energy cooperation in the Caspian basin countries, Basics of the Corporate Risk Management Invited Professor at the Academy of public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Institute of Diplomacy) as an instruction of the course of lectures on Basics of modern international politics and economics for Ph.D and MD levels. Invited Professor at the Training Center for Diplomats at the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, as an instructor of the course of lectures on Basics of modern international politics and economics, 2013. Invited Professor at Tbilisi State University, Caucasian University and leading national research centers on international political and economic relations topics within 2009-2013.

Invited professor at the Yalova University, Turkey course of lectures on International Economics and Risk Management for students from Saudi Arabia (Jedda University), June 2013.


Major Publication and Writing


A wide range of publications in journals and newspapers of Georgia since 1985.


Major publications abroad:


1.”An introduction for doing business in Georgia” ,/in CIS Law Notes/,

Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler,  August 1994, New York, New York


2.”Trade and Investment in Georgia”. In SEEL/Survey of East European Law/,

Vol.5, No 7, 1994. Translational Juris Publications Inc., New York, New York


3. “Georgia on my mind”. Foreign Trade/1994/Vol.4, No 8, 40-41, London, UK


4. “Southern Caucasus with Particular Focus on Energy Issue”, 1999 NATO Annual

Publication named “Economic Development and Reforms in Cooperation Partner Countries; The

link between Economics, Security and Stability”/First Edition 2000,

NATO, Brussels/


5.”Southern Caucasus: Prospects for Regional Economic Cooperation Promoting

Security and Stability”, 2001 NATO Annual publication named: “The Interrelationship between Regional Economic Cooperation, Security and Stability”.


6. “An impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 on the US Economy” by Professor David Aptsiauri, International Black Sea University, American Studies International Research Conference materials, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2009, p.100


7.”The impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 1008-2009 on the US Economy” by Professor

David Aptsiauri, Journal “Ekonomisti” Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics, No1, p.24, 2010,

Tbilisi, Georgia


8. “Georgia-European Union Cooperation in energy sector” by Professor David Aptsiauri, Journal “Ekonomiski” Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics,  No5,p.35,2010, Tbilisi, Georgia


9. “Economic Dimension of Modern Georgian-European Union Relations” by Professor David

Aptsiauri (in print). Materials of the 9th Regional International Conference on Modern Economics and Management in Sarajevo, Bosnia, June 24-26, 2011


10. “Challenges and Rewards of the Neighboring Oil rich region: Georgia and landlocked states” by

Professor David Aptsiauri, Journal “Ekonomisti” Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics, No3, p.34 39, 2011


11. “East-West Energy Cooperation and its consequences for Georgia and Azerbaijan” by Professor, Ambassador David Aptsiauri Newsletter of the Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy, Volume as of 15 of August , 2011, Baku, Azerbaijani Republic


12. “Updated Georgia-US economic cooperation (brief overview and main trends and developments), by Professor David Aptsiauri publications of International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia for 2012











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