Publication date: 2014-01-24 Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in reaction to the creation of the so-called border zone along the river Psou

The Georgian Foreign Ministry expresses its deep concern over the decision of the Russian Federation and its occupation regime in Abkhazia, which provides for illegal expansion of the so-called border zone 11 kilometers deeper into Georgia's territory along the river Psou from January 20 to March 21. Creation of the so-called border zone on Georgia's sovereign territory without the Georgian Government's consent once again violates Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty and represents a rough violation of international commitments, fundamental principles of international law and provisions of the [2008] ceasefire agreement by the Russian Federation.

Publication date: 2014-07-31 Government of Georgia welcomes UN Human Rights Committee conclusions on Georgia; pledges to continue reforms and ensure justice and equality before the law

The government of Georgia on Tuesday welcomed the latest conclusions on Georgia adopted by the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, which point to progress in Georgia's human rights record and urge continued reforms and efforts to end impunity.


Powitalne Słowo Ambasadora

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